Environmentalists do not save money

   Environmental protection in the fashion circle still hot, even Armani Father refused to use animal fur, and Giorgio Armani anti-fur statement can clearly show that, without cruel treatment of animals, designers can develop their creative talent, and consumers can also With luxury clothing. More and more big names have joined the environmental protection camp, so if you still taking is not a leather to measure the quality of a bag, you may be too out.

gao leather bags

   One case, that is, the Chinese people to buy luxury bag brand Louis Vuitton. LV flower series, checkerboard series, the use of materials in addition to leather with Italy imported leather discoloration, the main fabric is not leather, but to take a very high-end expensive artificial leather materials. Because the British government banned the sale of animal fur in the domestic leather, so most of the mainstream series LV bags are not leather, but the material is absolutely the world’s top artificial leather materials. LV in Europe, as well as the Asian market also has leather series. For example, we all know the LV water ripple series, LV leather series, etc.).
Then you will ask artificial leather materials are expensive than leather bags? The answer is yes, and you can be many times!

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