How to Choose The Right Bag For Your Girlfriend

  Bags are one of the most favorite accessories your girlfriend like to have on when your girlfriend go out, especially leather bag. When it comes to bags, your girlfriend want to follow the latest trends, and look stylish carrying around the most chic-looking bag of the season. However, your girlfriend also have to admit that a bag that looks good on the catwalk won’t really look as stylish hanging by your girlfriend side. Therefore, selecting the right bag for your girlfriend is a must. Since you’re here to wow the crowd, let’s help you choose the right bag for your girlfriend!

Right Bag for Your Girlfriend

What Does She Like?

  Think about the person you are buying this gift for. Think about what they like, what they hate, and if you really do not know a lot about bags in general, you can simply look at what they already have and select something based on that. Some women like flashy bags, with lots of different materials, where the bags itself serves as a fashion statement. Other women like it simple, and prefer plain colors like white or black – those bags are not only more elegant, but they can go along with more clothing items, which means you don’t even have to think about them.

What Does She Need?

  If your favorite girl has too many smaller bags, it might be a better idea to buy something a bit bigger, so that she has diverse bags to choose from. Maybe she needs a bigger bag to pack her books when she goes to work, or to college, or maybe she needs a better messenger bag that can also be used for her work stuff and laptop. If your girlfriend is an avid gym user, maybe she needs a duffel bag – they can also be used for shorter trips, or when she visits a friend for an overnight party. Don’t worry, there are plenty of cool duffel bags that you can choose from, which will fit any style. A beach bag, or a messenger bag is also a good idea, as you wouldn’t want to take an expensive bag to the beach, because the sand can easily damage it.

  Choose the Right Material Some women cannot imagine a bag that is not made out of real leather – they are durable, stylish and are extremely tough, which means that they will survive even the most neglecting owner. Unlike standard leather, some of them have shiny finish, and come in a variety of colors. For those who simply cannot stand the idea of having a leather bag, faux leather handbags are the answer. On the bright side, not only can faux leather bags look extremely good, but they also have a very reasonable price tag. While they may not be as durable as real leather, they have a much vider variety of colors and designs to choose from. Canvas is also a popular material, since it is an extremely durable fabric that can withstand almost anything, and requires almost no maintenance, but it still looks pretty good.

nice bag for girlfriend

Never Buy a Fake

  While I strongly agree that you shouldn’t spend a small fortune on a bag, I also must say that you should never buy a fake bag. Many times, people just want to provide people they care about with the nicest possible gift, and buying an expensive bag is sometimes not an option, so people resort to buying a cheaper knockoff. There are a couple of things wrong here. First, it is illegal as it infringes on the copyright and trademarks of a particular brand. You will be supporting this by buying a fake bag, and not to mention that they are usually made by illegal enterprises that use poorly paid workforce. Not only that, but you will be discovered, and you really do not want to disappoint anyone. It is much better to simply buy what you can afford, and be proud of it, and everyone will certainly appreciate it. The most important thing is that you buy it and give it away with lots of love, as without it, everything is pointless.

  Every girl needs a nice bag. It’s such a convenience to have. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as a LV bag just as long as it’s durable! So I will always tell my friends to invest in a quality bag rather than buying something like new dress each month. Why? Because once you have the bag you can dress up almost anything! So choosing the right bag is important, especially when this can be one of the biggest investments in your wardrobe.

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