How to identify different brands of leather bag?

  Everyone in the purchase of bags, the general preference for the selection of cortical materials bag, first, because the cortex of the bag can show the grade, on the other hand, because the cortex of the handbag is more durable wear. Currently on the market are more leather is mainly leather, recycled leather and PU leather three, today to introduce the characteristics of these three cortical materials to help everyone in the selection of the name of the package, find a suitable one of their own.


  Dermis is generally cattle, sheep, pigs, and other animals of the original skin, processed into a variety of leather materials. Dermis is divided into the first layer of skin and two layers of leather. The first layer of skin is from the grain with the cattle, sheep, pigskin and other raw materials directly from the processing. Whole grain skin from the pore thickness and density to distinguish what belongs to the animal leather. Second layer of skin is the original skin in the loose fibrous tissue layer of the second part of the chemical coating or coated with PVC, PU film processing.


  The first layer of skin and the distinction between the two-skin, is to observe the longitudinal fiber surface density. The first layer of skin by the dense and thin fibrous layer and closely linked together with a slightly loose layer of over-all together; the second layer of the skin is only loose fibrous tissue layer, spraying chemical raw materials such as polishing or processing commonly used after leather processing After the more popular leather.

  Recycled leather is the waste of animal skin and leather scraps crushed, the deployment of chemical raw materials produced by processing. It is characterized by a tidy edge of the more tidy, high utilization rate, cheap; but the skin is generally thicker, less strength. This is a small factory production of embossed leather shoes, the main material.

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