Using canvas bags is a great first step to Going Green

Conservation and energy efficiency are the watch-words of today. Using canvas bags is a great first step to Going Green!

When you use canvas bags for shopping you reduce waste and eliminate the need to make and recycle paper or plastic bags. You are saving energy and lots of it! The paper making process uses an enormous amount of heat to dry the paper. And, plastic, of course, is made from oil. Cotton requires significantly less energy to spin and weave into canvas. Most of the cost to make canvas grocery bags is in sewing labor.

Cotton Canvas Grocery Bags

What Are the Other Benefits of 100% Cotton Canvas Bags?

1.Most larger grocery chains offer a $.05 discount/bag (just ask your cashier). If you use 5 bags a week, you will realize a $13 / year savings…easily recovered in a two year period…which is a very good Return-On-Investment!
2.Canvas can be machine washed. Remember that canvas will shrink so…use cold water, no bleach, drip dry and iron on medium. Apply starch if you like stiff canvas.
3.Canvas bags are sturdy and strong enabling you to carry more with fewer bags. No more torn paper or plastic!
4.Canvas bags make great totes for all your vacation and travel things like beach towels, clothing, books and, of course, Christmas presents.

Canvas bags are sturdy and strong

How Do I Pick the Right Canvas Bag?

1. Look for a natural unbleached color. No dyes to fade when washing. And, no cloth finishing treatment to raise material costs and add unnatural chemicals.
2. Pick a normal sized bag…not too small and not too large…bag sizes similar to that of brown paper bags are best. You can carry a reasonable load of groceries without hurting yourself.
3. Check the material type…10 oz. single filled duck is typically used for grocery bags. 7 oz. single filled duck is too thin to carry a load of groceries safely. 12 oz. duck is heavier and is ok for books but probably more than you need for grocery bags. 14.9 oz. duck is also too heavy for grocery bags but perfect for carrying heavier items like books and tools. Duck is a type of weave…much tighter than denim or corduroy weaves. Single-filled is a measure of the tightness of the weave…not as tight as Army duck or Numbered duck but perfect for canvas bags! And, it provides excellent wear.
4. 100% cotton is a completely natural renewable resource…and a excellent insulator. There is no need for special poly thinsulate insulator bags!

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Cotton Canvas Grocery Bags
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